Weather impact pest infestations

How Does Weather Impact Pest Infestations in Fresno and Clovis, CA?

Both hot and cold weather impact pest infestations.  In this post, learn how


  • How cold weather affects insects
  • How hot weather affects insects
  • How wet weather affects insects
  • How you can manage pest infestations

If you have lived in the area for any period of time, you have most likely noticed that really bad mosquito infestations in the summer time usually follow wet winters.  There is a reason for that.  Weather patterns can influence insect reproductive rates, pest movement, and even where ant colonies choose to set up their nesting sites. Here in Fresno and Clovis, our diverse weather conditions from the hot summer months to the freezing temperatures during the winter months, play a significant role in local pest activity.  it turns out that the weather impacts pest infestations.  In this blog post, we will address how.

How does Cold Weather Affect Insects?

As temperatures drop during the colder months, you might notice a significant decrease in flying insects and wonder, “Do insects die in cold weather?” Well, as cold-blooded creatures, many insects depend on the environment to maintain their body heat. When freezing temperatures hit, insects seek shelter to survive cold temperatures that would otherwise be lethal. This behavior often leads to pest infestations as the insects find their way into the warmth of our homes.

How Do Warmer Temperatures Affect Pests?

When temperatures rise in the warmer months, pest problems can multiply. For example, spider mite populations can increase damaging select farm crops such as strawberries.  The hot weather also encourages many insects, like mosquitoes, to lay their eggs, leading to more bugs in the following weeks.

Other insects, including the common pests like ants and cockroaches, also thrive in warmer temperatures. The dry weather associated with our hot California summers and mild temperatures can drive these pests to seek out water sources, often leading them indoors and potentially causing a pest infestation.

Does Wet Weather Impact Pest Infestations?

Excessive rain can also affect pest infestations. After a rainstorm, the temperature rises and the sun warms the wet ground, creating ideal conditions for many insects to thrive. Unfortunately, this can also lead to increased insect damage on farm crops and other vegetation. On the flip side, wet weather also drives pests like rodents and insects to seek shelter in dry places, such as our homes and businesses.

Can We Prevent Pest Infestations?

Understanding how weather conditions affect pests is the first step in preventing pest infestations. Anticipating pest problems when the weather changes can help you prepare and protect your home or business from insect problems. For example, as the weather warms up after a cold night, be prepared for a potential increase in pest activity.

Maintaining regular pest control services, especially during the extreme weather that transitions from the cold weather of the winter months to the warmer weather of spring and summer, can help you stay one step ahead of the common pests.

Insects are cold-blooded, in the sense that they can’t generate internal heat (poikilothermic) so their activity will increase as the temperature drops and temperatures warm up. However, the same creatures will seek out their own body heat source during colder temperatures. Being prepared for these shifts in pest behavior is crucial in keeping a pest-free environment.

Our team of pest control professionals can provide effective solutions for your pests find preventing pest infestations regardless of weather conditions. We’re ready to tackle your pest problems, whether it’s dealing with excessive rain, dry weather, or fluctuating temperatures.

Remember, insects most pests don’t disappear during cold weather; they’re just seeking shelter, which could end up being your home or business. And during hot or wet weather, pest infestations can increase significantly. Keep your property protected all year round with professional pest control services.


The most efficient way to prevent pest infestations is to act proactively. So, when you see the weather changes, remember that pest problems may not be far behind. Contact us or call (559) 354-4119 to speak to a pest control expert, or schedule a consultation today to keep your Fresno or Clovis property pest-free, whatever the weather!

Struggling with an out-of-control pest infestation?  We can help you with ant control, mosquito control, rat and mice control, spider control, and cockroach control services.

if not, hopefully this blog post, ‘how does weather impact pest infestations in Fresno and Clovis, California’ was helpful.



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